Thing/Ting/Ding – old nordic, new islandic, danisch for: Thingmeeting, public meeting at a thing place

Thingything = Dingensens – what kind of thingamabob is that? Quite simple! At this daily meetings in every subcamp one to three “Tingers” per homebase come together. Their function is to discuss recent problems or questions, make decisions at the jamboree and bring information from the subcamp leaders to the other CaEx.

Youth participation

Adolescents are working in the planning team of our subcamp from the very beginning in an own participation team. Together we have made the decision that all caravelles and explorer should participate in the creation process as well as the jamboree programme itself. Many informations in this document are worked out by these adolescents! Youth participation is an enrichment for every (working-) group and we hope, that we can experience this enrichment in every CaEx-homebase at the HOME 2018.


At the jamboree there will be a daily „youth-council“ in every subcamp-part beside the meeting for leaders. Its called THINGYTHING, in german DINGENSENS. CaEx-representatives of every homebase will be part of it. On one hand they‘ll fetch information for their groups and on the other hand will decide about parts of the programme. Even spontaneous and current questions can find their place here. More details can be found in the preparation meeting inputs.


What to do with the cell phone at the jamboree?

How can that work with cell phones at HOME? This is an important question: the various scout groups have different rules therefor. At Home we want the participants to decide how to handle the use of cell phones. The idea is not that everyone can do how he likes, but there will be a discussion in the homebases an the thingything in order to let the CaEx decide and declare together the usage of cell phones during the jamboree. The keywords of this question will be: “personal responsibility and self designation + declaration”.


Present yourself

The subcamp leaders wish themselves, that you think about how to represent your group in your subcamp.