In a – self chosen – small group (7-10 persons) most different challenges shall be mastered in three ascending levels. Every group is free to choose from a great variety of challenges as well as what and when to do it. Some challenges can only be mastered with a further group or at a specific time or place. Every mastered task will be rewarded with pieces of a dodecahedron – groups that have got all pieces will be raised to the next level.  

We have collected a variety of challenges already an to increase te amount we need your help. We need as many different and interesting activities as possible, to provide a varied programme with your own charme. So let your creativity run free and send us your ideas and



Every homebase (you and your partnering group) will get to deal with the theme of home by developing the venture. Together with experts in specific fields we will provide a pool of ideas for the ventures.

This input will take place on Wednesday before noon. The Mini-Workshops (duration per programme approx. 30 minutes) will be offered the forenoon and the adolescents take part in the workshops that fits their interests mostly. Many aspects of the jamboree theme are covered – and will be astonished from how many points of view „home“ can be seen!

While realising your joint project in your homebase you will spend 24 hours off-camp. Equipment therefor needed is a daypack for your personal things, sturdy shoes, sleeping bag, camping mat and cutlery.


All leaders are asked to have a look at the method „joint project“ and the corresponding methods before the jamboree. At the same time of the Mini-Workshops for adolescents there will be a workshop for leaders with the topic „venture“ in german and english language.


Blue Monday.

The CaEx-Actionday

he Monday follows the motto “Happy Blue Monday”! Caravelles and explorer will experience an afternoon full of action with “Homework 100”. After that they’ll prepare in their Blue-Monday-troop for the Home-Dinner-Party which will end in a grand After-Party on the main stage. And after that the evening ends at the Secret-Party, where the leaders are welcome too. It is possible that on this evening the sleeping time wobbles a little...