For 3 days you will be on tour in Austria in small groups according to your interests. Therefore it is not neccessary or useful to form a group with people you already know. Just let yourself be guided by your interests. That’s how you learn to know people from all over the world which are similar to you. 


You have all possibilities on your Days Off HOME. On tuesday already you will have the chance to get informed and to discuss your plans. Wednesday before midday you will come together with the other RaRo according to your interests in small groups (approx. 30 Persons) and start planning, what you will do for the next three days. Many things will aready be prepared by the RaRo-Team that may help you. Such as proposals for tours, ideas for the programme and prereserved accommodations. But you can also do everything on your own – there are no limits to your creativity.


Prior to the jamboree we will ask for your interests and tendences (like hiking, cities, creativity, engineering, culinary, social and more), so we can prepare a few things for you, because not all is realisable within the half of a day. More details will come in time. 


You will cater yourself on the Days Off HOME. Your group will get enough money for food and programme. Keep in mind that you might need a hiking tent or a camp stove for your trip.


The leaders will also participate in the Days Off HOME and support your intentions.


Hopefully your Days Off HOME-group will come back with great impressions. On visitors day (Sunday) you will get the chance to present your results to an interested audience.