Homecoming Ball

Friday evening you will return from your Days Off HOME. And that has to be celebrated at the grand Welcome HOME Party – the HOMECOMING-BALL will exclusively be for RaRo. For that occasion you are asked to jump into a traditional costume of your choice (e.g. traditional clothing of your home region, scout clothing,...) Meeting point is home@lånd!
As you will want to sleep long on Saturday the day will start with an extensive  BRUNCH.




You are warmly invited, to present your impressions and experiences from DAYS-OFF-HOME.



...take place on the first two camp days. At these challenges you fulfill small tasks and challenges together – always with the aim, that you get in contact and learn to know each other.  



…will take place during the days on the camp site and give you the opportunity to have even more fun and maybe even discover unknown powers or abilities and endurance.



Monday and Tuesday in the second week are workshop-days. We‘ll try to offer a great variety of workshops (there even will be a few adventure-workshops), that you can choose from depending on your interests – some of them will surely have the theme „HOME – here, there and everywhere“ as content.


Red couch (RA-ROTES SOFA)

The – in the meantime traditional – panel discussion with a prominent personality will be the highlight Monday evening after the workshop@home. Preparation for that will happen in a workshop with interested adolescents supported by a professional. Thematically critical aspects of HOME will be discussed – we don‘t want to reveal more yet – we are very curious.



The RaRo take part in the overall programme as well, like the evening of open pots, HOMEday (both on Saturday), the concert on Sunday and of course the official opening and closing ceremonies of HOME 2018. After both there will be own RaRo-Parties too.
Evening activity home@lånd
home@lånd is the name of the RaRo gastronomical area, where you can buy some drinks and snacks in the evening. We expect that you will have great evenings because of the well-known team is bubbling over with ideas and will surely surprise you with best mood and cozy atmosphere.


On saturday evening, after tasting approx. onehundred open pots, besides a chilly campfire-evening for people wanting it LOUD, there will be the opportunity for a SILENT DISCO in home@lånd. LOUD IN YOUR EARS but SILENT FOR THE SURROUNDING, that wants to start in a calm evening.


Not only at the campfires but also in home@lånd you have the possibility of being part of the musical arrangement - therefor you are welcome to bring your music instruments.