You will have to cook for yourselves at the campsite – on open fire at your fireplaces or with your own camp stoves. Firewood is provided by us, other fuels, dishes and kitchen infrastructure has to be brought by yourself.

Groceries are provided three times a day.

The food-supply team will take care of,
that you always will have enough to eat,
try to find regional providers,
keep the amount of packaging waste lowly,
and try to avoid food dissipation.

These priciples are followed with a high amaount of responsibility. All leaders can help us reaching these goals.

Cooking together is part of the programme and belongs to the daily scouting routine. In certain circumstances it will take more time. In cooperation with the age-stages and their programme we have created the menu in a way, that on days with intense programme you have to spend less time for preparing  the meals.

The most important in advance:

Don't forget!

Between June 13th and July 15th 2018 the menu choice has to be done online

We wish you and your group
successful cooking and good appetite.

Your HOME 2018 food supply team.

FAQ’s on the website provide further information on food supply.

If you have any further questions, send an email to: