The aim is, that every

particpant at the jamboree

gets as much food

as wanted or needed.

(not to less, but also not too much). Furthermore it is important to us, that if possible no groceries have to be thrown away. That can only work out, if you help us doing so:


We – the food supply team – configure the calculation of amounts as flexible as possible and so we can respond to your needs. In addition we give you the opportunity, to cool not needed groceries, so you can use them later on.

You are called to tell us your wishes (particularly if amounts are too big or little) and to bring back not used groceries in a condition, that makes re-use possible..

We try to reduce packaging waste and abstain from convenience food and frozen foods. Doing so we can reduce the energy effort for cooling to a minimum.


There is a choice out of two meals most of the time. The menu can be found starting June on the homepage There you will also find the recipies and the cooking instructions. we invite you to test the recipies in advance. Grocery amounts are for one person. Any comments or suggestions are welcome at

Because of resource reasons we won‘t print a cookbook. The recipies are available as download on the homepage starting June. In addition they will be printed on the consignment paper in your food box at the jamboree.


The menu choice is carried out online between June 13th and July 15th 2018. Just login to your HOME 2018-administration page with the user-name of your group and there you‘ll find the ­appropriate link.

It's on you to select one dish per meal for all participants or if you choose both dishes in a relation you choose. Who doesn‘t make a choice until July 15th 2018 always gets dish number 1 (always meatless).

On adventure- or task-days menu choice is not possible.
Soup can always be provided without preorder at the grocery distribution point.

It is not possible to switch lunch and supper.