For all not so experienced scout camp participants or cooks all recipies can be downloaded here:


The amounts are calculated for GuSp and will be raised for

CaEx with 15 % and

RaRo with 30 %.


In advance or during the jamboree you can contact us at any time, if you want to adapt the factor, because of having "more-eaters" or "less-eaters".

What a pity we could only taste it!

To avoid this and similar statements, we ask you to send us your open pots-recipies with the web-form.

Our aim is to create a "cookHOME@home"-cookbook by autumn and provide it to download, in order to give you the possibility to cook the delicacies from all over the world of open pots at home or with your group!

The more groups taking part, the higher will be variety that can be found in the cookbook!

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