HOME 2018

The programme

Apart from the subcamp-programmes many offers of the overall programme ensure variety (changes possible):

Opening ceremony
  • Opening- and closing ceremony
  • „Theme-rooms“ (activities in addition to the subcamp-programmes, most of them on the main square)
  • Live-concert for all participants
  • HOME-day with various programme offers concerning the jamboree theme
  • „Evening of Open Pots“ (Cook and taste the culinary variety of our HOMEs – first  information see food supply)
  • spiritual offers
  • sporting challenges and competitions
  • and of course the Visitors day (Sunday, 12th August), where parents, friends and interested people are invited.

If you have an idea for the overall programme (e.g. concerning a “theme-room”), send an email to:

Evening of open pots
High rope course HighKix

Most of the programme you will experience in your own age section: