Saturday, August 11th, is HOME-Day. Its the day we can all calm down a little. CaEx and RaRo start their day a little later by having a brunch. On that day you‘ll find time to do things you didn‘t get around to do yet, e.g. a visit of the theme-rooms on main square. Before noon the HOME RUN, a race across the camp site, will be programme. The afternoon we will use preparing for the evening of open pots. And a collective activity will take place at noon exactly: THE HIGH NOON SNAPSHOT

On Saturday, August 11th, exactly at midday we want to document in a collective photoshooting the HOME 2018. Everyone wanting to take part just takes a picture at the same moment – regardless of where she/he is an what you‘re doing. The result will be a extensive snapshot of HOME 2018 which will be exhibited on visitor-day. How that is going to work out you‘ll be explained at the jamboree.