In this section you can find downloadable printable versions of participant information, templates for a HOME 2018 presentation in your group and more.


for group meetings, parent information... PDF (opens in fullscreen mode) PPTX (with empty page to edit)


The HOME 2018 logotype

Logo as JPG – pixel graphic / 100 mm, 300 dpi – colour: RGB – for normal desktop-usageDownload
Logo as PDF – vector graphic – colour: CMYK – for professional printingDownload

The HOME 2018 font

HOME 2018 has an own font. Based on the  Open-Source-Font "Bungee". A few glyphs were altered, so you can create the typical HOME 2018-"O" – only in combination with the shift-key (the lowercase "o" is normal). The left and right arrow ("<" and ">") have a HOME 2018 design too.

Tip: use this font rarely – only a few words in a headline. Looks better.

Download Font